Summer Internships at the Jefferson School City Center

By: Crystal H. Napier

Summer will officially end in about five weeks. Where has the time gone? This summer at the Jefferson School City Center, some of our resident organizations have had the pleasure of hosting summer interns. The benefits of the internship program has been rewarding for both sides. The advantages of doing an internship while in school can have a positive impact on a students’ educational and professional careers.

In many cases, internships provide a competitive advantage when students are applying to colleges. It allows students to draw a direct correlation between their academic studies and real-world experiences. Internships provide an exclusive access to a potential career field for inspiring students. Students are able to gain professional skills, confidence, and experience; all traits that help improve maturity.

The resident organizations that hosted interns this summer provided testimonials of how the interns impacted their organizations.

The interns give more one on one time with children and that makes them feel special! In these one on one interactions, the kids are getting more opportunities to express themselves, relationship build, increase social skills and most of all reaffirm what we are trying to accomplish which is confidence that they can do anything!

-Michelle Ryan, YMCA Child Care

The Heritage Center’s Trailblazer summer interns are Naiya Carter, Bria Williams, Destiny Grady, and Zyahna Bryant. The Trailblazer program is a partnership between City of Promise and the African American Heritage Center. A small group of young people from City of Promise were selected to be “Trailblazers,” interns who work to fulfill the Heritage Center’s mission of education by providing museum tours, leading summer camp sessions, helping with historical research, and promoting Heritage Center events.

-Ellen Blackmon, Jefferson School African American Heritage Center

Catherine Delanoy is helping Common Ground Healing Arts rely less on paper by scanning enormous amounts of documents and filing them appropriately. She is also completing tasks that we have been trying to do for years all while cleaning yoga mats, taking our annual inventory and completing the final task needed for all our services to be offered on a pay-what-you-can range.

– Elliott Brown, Common Ground Healing Arts

Our intern’s name is Suany Reyes.  It’s been a pleasure having Suany’s energy and smile with us this summer.  She has a talent for interacting with the community and has been very willing to stretch beyond her comfort zone.

– Edgar Lara, Sin Barreras

Being an intern is a great entry into making an impact in the workforce and community. The Jefferson School City Center organizations are very appreciative of the time and energy the interns committed. Feel free to contact any of our mission driven organizations for more opportunities to intern and volunteer. These opportunities may open doors for your future and they will have positive impacts for our organizations. Great advice given from a famous intern who became a millionaire investment broker, “The world is your oyster. It’s up to you to find the pearls.”  – Chris Gardner


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