10th Anniversary of Literacy Volunteers Annual Fundraiser Wordplay

By: Crystal Napier

Literacy Volunteers addresses low literacy and under education among adults in our region through free, individualized reading, writing and English language instruction. Our mission is to help individuals become better workers, consumers, neighbors, citizens and parents through one-to-one tutoring. In working for this organization going on three years it’s been a privilege to meet the students and hear their stories of how their lives have been drastically changed from learning basic literacy. The volunteers are amazing human beings that selflessly dedicate their time and positive energy into giving the most powerful gift one can give, basic literacy.

Literacy Volunteer Malika stated in a recent interview, “What I do for a living doesn’t really give me a chance just to sit down with someone and laugh and tell jokes and talk about community,” said Malika. “That relationship that you build is really, it’s what life’s about is relationships, it’s really refreshing for me.” The relationships goes both ways and really can make an impact in changing people’s lives.

The student Malika assisted became a U.S. Citizen. Solange, Literacy Volunteers Student, was so grateful and excited to gain citizenship and attributed her success to the organization and Malika’s wonderful teaching abilities. “Literacy Volunteers helps people so much, people who have English as a Second Language. If I meet somebody who has a problem with English, I say go to Literacy. Literacy people will help you,” said Solange.

It is an honor to work for this organization. My sincere hope is that you will join us on this Thursday, April 27th at the Paramount Theater at our Annual Wordplay Fundraiser! Wordplay is a team-based trivia competition for people who love words, vocabulary, pop culture, history, literature, and showing off how smart they are. Teams are comprised of three people from local businesses and organizations. We expect to raise over $30,000 this year to support our programs and over 400 students! You can still buy tickets to attend at our front desk or online. Audience tickets are $20.

Wordplay NBC29 Commercial

WordPlay 2017_JSCC Monitors (1)


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