Common Ground Healing Arts and so much more

By Crystal H. Napier

Common Ground Healing Arts is known for their wonderful yoga sessions and classes. However, yoga is just one of the great programs and services offered at Common Ground. The mission of Common Ground is to improve wellness throughout our community by expanding opportunities for accessible complementary health care.

Acupuncture is one of the great healing services offered through Common Ground. Community acupuncture clinic provides treatment to up to six clients simultaneously, in the same room.  It allows Common Ground to provide more affordable acupuncture treatments, while also creating an environment where people can heal in community.

Cyrel, a client who has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair for mobility, credits acupuncture at Common Ground for helping him walk. When he receives acupuncture he is able to increase his steps in physical therapy. Cyrel, raves that the acupuncture has also assisted him mentally. “It allows me to relax my mind and muscles, which helps me to manage the pain,” he said.

Common Ground now offers Pay-As-You-Can acupuncture, $20 – $50, making this healing service affordable and accessible.

Another beneficial, and convenient, program of Common Grounds is Ground Work. This new program brings chair massage, yoga, mindfulness workshops, and auricular acupuncture into businesses and organizations throughout Charlottesville. This service reduces stress and enhances productivity in the workplace. Check out their website to see how you can foster a stress-free environment for employees and co-workers by taking advantages of the wonderful services of Common Ground Healing Arts.

Please consider supporting this wellness organization at their annual fundraiser Sit-A-Thon on March 18th.  Mindfulness leaders from communities all over Charlottesville will lead 50 minute meditations from 10:00am to 6:00pm at Common Ground Healing Arts (233 4th St. NW – Jefferson School City Center, 2nd floor). Experienced and new meditators are welcome. This event is offered by donation, and you are welcome to stay for one meditation or all day. Because they work hard to heal our community, consider supporting their mission at




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